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    Unlimited potential of connection

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    you use your inner resources


    You are already connected. Not being connected is a fantasy world invent by western culture. Western culture is based on the principle of separation and competition of land, of races, nations, languages, in education, etc...



    Your Center


    Your Bubble


    Your Feelings


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  • Inner Resources

    1. Your center

    We have two centers: a physical center and an energetic center. Our physical center is located between our two hips, three fingers below our navel, half-way back between our spine and front. The physical center does not move, it is our point of gravity. Our energetic center, on the contrary, moves. In school, we have learn to put our energetic center in our mind. Meaning our gestures, our questions and answers and our offers for intimacy comes directly out of our minds. Our minds do not have sensation or experience, our minds have thoughts, ideas, opinions, conclusions. Our minds cannot know what our heart, soul, or body wants. Making moves from our minds makes us slave of what is appropriate and what is regarding the taboos and expectations of our birth culture, nothing to do with our own experience. Modern culture also values and promote people who gives their centers away to authority. The authority figures (schools, corporations, churches, governments) say: "If you do has you are told (do your homework, give your life away against a salary, give us money and you will go to heaven, pay your taxes) then you will be safe, we will take care of you".


    Those patterns are hammered in us since we are born and we repeat them in our attempt to interact and connect with people. First, we put our center in our head and try to come up with the perfect thing to say, the right answer to questions, we try to be right or make someone's else wrong, we make expectations about how the other people should be or not be, we create fantasy world about how relationship should look like or not look like and so on...


    Then, we give our center away to the person we are trying to connect with. Knowing when you have given your center away is an experiential distinction, you can't figure it out in your head! Though, here are some hints that you will help you notice it. If you give your center away to someone else, you will start thinking things like: 'What will they think about me?' 'Am I beautiful/handsome enough for them?' 'If I do this or that, then they will love me and they won't leave or scream at me.' 'What can I do to make them happy?' When we give our center away, we are not being authentic, we are behaving in a way that we think the other person wants us to act. The crazy thing is that the other person is probably doing exactly the same thing. There we have two people trying to be together without being authentic.


    Centering yourself happens by putting your attention on your energetic center to find out where it is. Then with your intention, place your energetic center on your physical center. And with your attention keep your energetic center on your physical center. This is the experience of being centered.


    Getting your center back is a straightforward and on-going process.

    1. It starts by noticing with your attention when you give your center away, every time you give your center away. Stop what you are doing, pause and ask yourself: what am I feeling? (It will probably be fear) I am afraid because... (it will probably be a childhood or a past life trauma) is this fear relevant here? (yes or no.)

    You will start noticing sooner and sooner when you give your center away until you can notice that you are about to give it away. It is then that you have a choice about your pattern.

    2. To keep your energetic center on your being center, you need between 1-5% anger, and between 5-10% of your attention.

    3. Go through through on-going healing processes to get your center back from the authority figures who you gave your center away when you were a child.


    Doorway to Become Centered:<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->http://becomecentered.startover.xyz

    Your Bubble

    How can anyone be in relationship with another human being if they don't have their personal bubble of space and the person across doesn't either? These are stuff that we could have learned in school.


    Have you ever approached an animal and it would back off just a few meters? You tried a second time and it would do the same, not go away, just back off as much as you advanced. Animals have their own bubble of personal space and they know when you are entering it.

    As human beings being raised in modern culture, we have let people enter and abuse our personal space as a defense strategy. It makes us less powerful, less authentic.


    You maybe know couple who are enmeshed - their personal bubbles of space are within each other. When one is happy the other one have to be happy, when one is depressed the other one have to be depressed. Such enmeshed relationship are detectable because the two people live in extreme emotional state. They can't live without each other.


    If you let someone enter your bubble, you are letting them abuse you. They are sucking your life energy, your sexual energy, your emotional energy, your radiance, and so on... If someone is in your space, they can feel what you are feeling before you feel it, and they can also make you feel something that has nothing to do with you. It is a powerful way to manipulate and create co-dependency.


    As a side note: the more you heal and go through initiatory processes, the more radiant and shiny you become and the more unconscious zombie will want to suck your energy. Keep you bubble clean of other's energy! If someone enters your bubble of space, you let them. Why? This is not a rhetorical question. Ask yourself: why do I want someone in my space?


    Instructions to make your personal bubble of space: after centering yourself (see above), click your clicker (<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->http://13tools.startover.xyz) and declare energetically your bubble of personal space. You can feel with your energetic fingers the limits of your bubble, it should be around 50cm in front of and behind you and englobing your head and your feet. While you are at it, declare your grounding cord that connects your center to the center of the Earth. It is a cable about 10cm diameter and flexible. You are now centered, bubbled, and grounded.


    Instructions to keep your personal bubble of space clean: Once a week, clean your personal bubble of space. We take on other people's energy and forget that they colonize our personal space and then we wonder why we have tired all the time! One reason is that our personal space is filled up 30/40/50% with other people's energy. You can notice it when you are having conversation with people in your head. They are in your space.

    The procedure to clean your space is simple: click your clicker and create a bubble in front of you but outside of your personal space, click your clicker and make the head of the person in your space in that bubble, blow it away and click your clicker one more time and explode that bubble. The energy will go back to that person. It does not hurt them, it is not mean, it is psychic etiquette to give back the energy to the person it belongs to. The first times you do this, you will have faces of people from a long time (your parents, your siblings, your teachers, your first love, your boss, your best friends from high school, ...), blow them all up. When you are done, reach in your bag of things (<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->http://bagofthings.startover.xyz) and pull out a golden ball of your own energy and information. Place it over your head and let it fall down into your energetic body. When it hits your center, it explodes and fill up your bodies and your personal bubble of space with your own information and energy. Do this multiple time until you feel filled up.

    The universe does not like vacuum, if you leave a vacuum after clean your space other people's energy will come back right away.

    Your Feelings








    More information:<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->http://4feelings.startover.xyz